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  • Waste Management
    Waste Management 21/2/2020
    It is being reported that China’s largest landfill site (which is around the size of 100 football fields) is full, 25 years ahead of schedule (Circular Magazine).
  • Do you need a Contaminated Land Assessment?
    Do you need a Contaminated Land Assessment? 7/2/2020
    Do you need a Contaminated Land Assessment? We have an in-depth expertise in assessing land contamination and in negotiating practical and deliverable remedial solutions, in the interests of our clients and the environment.
30 Years of Local Scientific Experience


Established in 2007, MCL Consulting is a trading name for McLorinan Consulting Ltd. We are industry leaders in environmental consultancy and are based in Belfast City centre. Drawing from 25 years of local scientific experience, MCL Consulting offer high quality, client focused consultancy to a broad range of clients in Ireland and throughout the UK. These services are delivered by our in house team of twelve highly experienced scientists.

We actively promote the development of our sciences through involvement with local organisations and universities and encourage and support our staff undertaking training and academic improvement.

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