Air, Noise & Odour

Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland


MCL Consulting provides a comprehensive range of air quality assessment, monitoring and dispersion modelling services.

We provide Air Impact Assessments in a wide range of sectors, including residential and commercial development schemes, quarries, waste management facilities, road schemes and universities. Services include:-

  • Predictive Air Dispersion Modelling for developments using ADMS4
  • Air Quality Assessments for EIA submission
  • Environmental Deposited Dust Monitoring
  • Environmental Particulate Monitoring, including PM10
  • Occupational Particulate Monitoring.
  • Dust Management Plans for Developments.
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling for roads, car parks, and all point and fugitive sources.
  • Bioaerosol and Mycology monitoring and modelling.
  • Regulatory and Planning Consultancy.


MCL Consulting provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Noise Consultancy Services. From basic noise impact assessments in support of development, to providing expert advice in complex legal cases relating to noise impact / audibility, MCL can deliver.

We serve a wide range of clients including commercial and residential developments, quarries, waste management facilities, hotels and restaurants, multi-storey developments and roadside developments. Our services include:-

  • CadnaA 3D noise modelling in support of developments
  • Noise Impact Assessments for EIA
  • Development of noise models for complex terrain structures
  • Noise and acoustics mapping services
  • Long term noise monitoring for windfarm developments
  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Noise at work compliance
  • Community noise and complaint investigations
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Noise attenuation and mitigation design services
  • Expert witness services


MCL Consulting provides a full range of Odour consultancy services from basic olfactory assessments for restaurants and food outlets to detailed numerical odour models in support of large-scale anaerobic digesters, waste management facilities / landfills and residential developments near to wastewater treatment works:

Our clients cover a diverse range of sectors and include McDonalds Restaurants, and Strathroy Dairies.

  • Air dispersion modelling using ADMS air dispersion software
  • Subjective olfactory odour sampling (‘sniff testing’)
  • Odour Management Plans for developments
  • Nutrient Loading Models for Digestate Management at AD Plants
  • Investigation into offensive odours complaints
  • Discrete odour sampling of point odour sources
  • Fugitive and area source odour sampling

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