Waste Management

Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland

Our Chartered Waste Managers can draw from over 30 years of local waste management experience, providing professional, high quality and no-fuss consultancy to the waste industry.

We provide services to a number of the larger waste management companies in Ireland and also act as consultants to many SME companies, including scrap metal merchants, vehicle breakers, skip firms, landfill operators, biomass producers, waste exporters and recyclers.

  • Full PPC Permit Applications, all elements completed in-house
  • Waste Management Licence Applications and Waste Exemption Advice
  • Waste Planning Consultancy and Planning Applications
  • Waste Testing, Classification and EWC Coding
  • End of Waste Applications
  • Waste Training through WAMITAB (partnering with WAMCAL)
  • Noise, Dust and Odour Assessments for Waste Management Facilities
  • Discharge Consents
  • Landfill Services:-
    • Planning Applications for inert, non-hazardous and hazardous landfill
    • Landfill Engineering Design and CQA Services
    • Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
    • Surface water management and Leachate Control
    • Landfill Gas Risk Assessment and Gas Management Designs
    • Slope Stability Risk Assessment
    • 'BAT' Assessments
    • Landfill Gas Surveys
    • Environmental Monitoring Services
    • Landfill Feasibility Assessments
    • Landfill Closure Plans
    • Landfill Remediation
    • Landfill Monitoring & Data Interpretation
  • Waste Audits for Industry
  • Expert Witness Services

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