MCL Consulting: Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland

MCL Ecology is a team of professional ecologists with a diverse range of consultancy expertise. We can deliver all standard ecological assessments for development, with insight and diligence. 

Our expertise includes assessments for priority species such as bats, badgers, newts and otter, as well as wild birds, and other sensitive species.  We also specialise in Botanical Studies, and Invasive Species Assessments and remediation / treatment.

  • Biodiversity Checklists
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisals
  • Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
  • Appropriate Assessments
  • Invasive Species Studies and Remediation, including Japanese Knotweed eradication
  • Light Spill Assessments, including Modelling
  • GIS mapping and long term monitoring services

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Northern Ireland's Leading Independent Environmental Consultants