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Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland

Established to be a cut above the rest in 2007 by our director David McLorinan, a hydrogeologist and waste management consultant, MCL Consulting is a trading name of McLorinan Consulting Ltd.

We are industry leaders in environmental consultancy, based in Belfast, serving the whole of the UK and Ireland. Each of our senior team members has over 30 years of professional experience in their discipline, so you can employ us with confidence to deliver on your development project.

MCL Consulting Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland offer high quality, client focused consultancy to a broad range of clients in Ireland and throughout the UK.  These services are delivered by our in-house team of highly experienced scientists and environmental engineers. 

We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy with a wide range of in-house services in the following main fields-

Contaminated Land, Hydrogeology, Waste Management, Air, Noise & Odour, Hydrology, Flood Risk Assessment, Ecology, Geotechnical, Environmental Monitoring and Topographical Surveying.

MCL Consulting Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland works with many local companies, from the very large to SMEs and small enterprises.

MCL Consulting Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland has a diverse range of clients from architects to waste management companies, construction / developers, planning consultants, engineers and legal firms.

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Northern Ireland's Leading Independent Environmental Consultants