Flood Risk

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With the introduction of Planning Policy PPS 25 in Northern Ireland and PPS15 in the UK, it has become critical for developers to understand how flooding might affect a development site.

MCL can provide vital pre-acquisition advice on site purchases which will advise on potential flood risk and if mitigation is possible.  Many consultants rely on the online Strategic Flood Maps for such determinations but often these are not fully informative of actual flood risk. MCL Consulting has approved modellers and we have been vetted by Rivers Agency to complete flood modelling.  We can often facilitate development of areas inside the flood plain by completing detailed modelling to demonstrate that the risk of flooding is lower than published models show.

Flood Risk Assessment:

  • Desk study Flood Risk Assessments in respect to various flooding sources (fluvial, tidal, pluvial and uprising groundwater), based upon future potential land use in accordance with PPS15, PPS25 or TAN15 methodologies
  • Floodplain developments - advice and consultancy services for developers seeking permission to develop within a modelling floodplain
  • Provision of mitigation measures in order to reduce flooding impacts
  • Planning Consultancy Services with respect to PPS15 and PPS25
  • Coastal Flood Assessments assessed for Q200 events

River Hydraulic Modelling:

  • 3D Floodplain Modelling to determine Q100 levels and accurate floodplain delineation; inclusive of topographical surveying of river reaches and river cross sectional areas to determine river channel capacities
  • On-site flow measurements and flow monitoring using electromagnetic flow meters

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