Contaminated Land

MCL Consulting: Environmental Consultants Northern Ireland

MCL Consulting are leading experts in Contaminated Land and have been involved in many of the most complex and difficult brownfield land development schemes that have been delivered by developers over the last 30 years.

We have an in-depth expertise in assessing land contamination and in negotiating practical and deliverable remedial solutions or brownfield land development, in the interests of our clients and the environment. Our Senior Staff are Chartered with several Institutions relevant to land quality and have a proven track record in dealing with land contamination as per the LCRM guidance for ensuring your assessments are undertaken by a Competent Person.  

So whether your scheme involves a very problematic site with a history of contamination, or there is a box to tick with a basic assessment or planning condition discharge / validation, MCL Consulting will deliver a service which meets your budget and allows your development to progress.

Our Contaminated Land Services include:-

  • Preliminary Risk Assessments (Phase 1/ Tier 1 PRA)
  • Generic Quantitative Risk Assessments (Phase/Tier 2 GQRA)
  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (Phase 3 DQRA)
  • Due Diligence Pre-Acquisition / Pension Plan Assessments
  • Remediation Design
  • Remediation Validation
  • Waste Classification for Disposal of Soils and Waste Management
  • Expert Witness
  • Ground Gas, Soil and Groundwater Sampling (with all our own in-house equipment)
  • Soils, Groundwater, Gases and Vapour Assessments
  • Design and Management of Site Investigations
  • Piling Risk Assessments
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans.

Unlike many of our consulting competitors, MCL Consulting benefits from an in-house drilling rig and sampling crew. In the event that intrusive investigations are necessary, we can mobilise quickly to site and have complete control over the data we collect for our assessment. 



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