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Hydrology is becoming a major issue for land development, especially in relation to new planning regulations (PPS15) and climate change concerns. Our hydrological services focus on these needs to provide sympathetic consultancy support in these fields. Specialising in hydrology and hydrometrics, MCL consulting offer a comprehensive suite of Hydrological Services including:

  • Flood Risk Assessment, including hydraulic 3D flood modelling to determine flooding levels and floodplain see Flood Risk
  • Drainage Assessments and Drainage Designs to PPS15 and PPS25 methodologies
  • Hydrological Risk Assessment
  • Surface Water Management Plans
  • Water Channel Engineering Solutions
  • Flood Defence Solutions
  • Culvert Design and Sizing
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • SuDS Techniques and Design

SuDS designs can be implemented into small or large developments, including retrofitting into existing developments. The aim of SuDS is to reduce surface water runoff, by mimicking natural drainage regimes or provision of water attenuation, and therefore providing a sustainable approach to hydraulic control.

MCL Consulting has a vast range of experience in SuDS design including the production of 3D models inclusive of the appropriate SuDS technique incorporated, in order to determine the reduction of surface water runoff achieved. SuDS solutions include:

  • Source control measures, including green roofs and rainwater recycling
  • Infiltration devices, including soakaways and retention areas
  • Filter drains, swales and permeable pavement
  • Oversized pipes and underground storage tanks
  • Detention basins and ponds

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