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MCL Consulting provides a comprehensive range of air quality assessment, monitoring and dispersion modelling services.

We provide Air Impact Assessments in a wide range of sectors, including residential and commercial development schemes, quarries, waste management facilities, road schemes and universities. Services include:-

  • Predictive Air Dispersion Modelling for developments using ADMS4
  • Air Quality Assessments for EIA submission
  • Environmental Deposited Dust Monitoring
  • Environmental Particulate Monitoring, including PM10
  • Occupational Particulate Monitoring.
  • Dust Management Plans for Developments.
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling for roads, car parks, and all point and fugitive sources.
  • Bioaerosol and Mycology monitoring and modelling.
  • Regulatory and Planning Consultancy.


MCL Consulting provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Noise Consultancy Services. From basic noise impact assessments in support of development, to providing expert advice in complex legal cases relating to noise impact / audibility, MCL can deliver.

We serve a wide range of clients including commercial and residential developments, quarries, waste management facilities, hotels and restaurants, multi-storey developments and roadside developments. Our services include:-

  • CadnaA 3D noise modelling in support of developments
  • Noise Impact Assessments for EIA
  • Development of noise models for complex terrain structures
  • Noise and acoustics mapping services
  • Long term noise monitoring for windfarm developments
  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Noise at work compliance
  • Community noise and complaint investigations
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Noise attenuation and mitigation design services
  • Expert witness services


MCL Consulting provides a full range of Odour consultancy services from basic olfactory assessments for restaurants and food outlets to detailed numerical odour models in support of large-scale anaerobic digesters, waste management facilities / landfills and residential developments near to wastewater treatment works:

Our clients cover a diverse range of sectors and include McDonalds Restaurants, and Strathroy Dairies.

  • Air dispersion modelling using ADMS air dispersion software
  • Subjective olfactory odour sampling (‘sniff testing’)
  • Odour Management Plans for developments
  • Nutrient Loading Models for Digestate Management at AD Plants
  • Investigation into offensive odours complaints
  • Discrete odour sampling of point odour sources
  • Fugitive and area source odour sampling


We also operate a new service called Workplace Exposure NI. Workplace exposure describes any exposure by personnel of a workforce to noise, air/dust or vibrations. Our trained experts can monitor these exposures (sometimes called Occupational Monitoring). This is important as the workplace air, noise and vibrations could become hazards for employees health. As an employer, it is necessary to ensure that you comply with regulations. We compare exposure results against exposure standards to see if you have provided adequate protection. Please visit our stand-alone website



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